Please don’t count me out

Published 8:00 am Thursday, September 29, 2022

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After six weeks of special chemo, my bladder tumors are back with a vengeance. I’ll be seeing the doctor on Tuesday the 27 to hopefully set up the procedure where he cuts up the tumors and cauterizes them. No more chemo for me – once this procedure lasted over three years before the tumors came back, and at age 81 I’ll take that.  


Except for feeling a bit weak, I feel fine and am prepared to take whatever comes my way, as always I leave myself in God’s hands.

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Now, it has been months since I’ve received any donations toward Lennie’s kids and funds are quite low. I have to attribute that not only to the economy but because I’m slowing down and some may believe I’m out of the picture. On the contrary, I’m constantly handling little problems that come my way and I recently spent $1,100 to help a sweet Chihuahua named Estella.  


Estella was due to have pups and was in great pain. The vet’s office asked the owners to call me to see if I’d assist, as the family didn’t have the money and Estella was a beloved pet.  


“Do what you can to save that little girl and her pups, just bill my fund and I’ll catch up.”


Estella needed a C-section because a large puppy was blocking her birth canal. Estella was saved, along with the large puppy, but unfortunately, the other two pups died in her womb. I called last week to see how things were going and learned that Estella and her pup are doing fine.


When I paid the bill Dr. Raines told me that we saved her life. Estella was weak and could not have made it another day or two. So you know, this is what your donations achieve.


I have arranged that if anything should happen to me, every cent in my fund will go toward the animals. So please, don’t count me out.


God willing I’ll be helping Lennie’s kids for some time to come. After all, they are truly God’s kids; He just lends them to us.


Thanks for listening.