Where our values lie

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A little over a year ago I explained that my weekly column would be sporadic due to illness and physical problems. Besides dialysis and other problems, I’ve been plagued with bladder tumors for years. Many operations have eased the problem, but the tumors persist. I’m now on a regimen of consecutive weeks of chemo and along with the dialysis, I’m often drained. I’m just explaining facts, I am by no means complaining. On the contrary, I am a very blessed man.  


My love and faith in the Lord are unceasing. I possess what I believe is the perfect combination, the love of those I call my friends and the friendship of the One I love. I have many good days and I do my best to devote them to helping God’s creatures and often the families that possess them.

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I cannot get around as much as I used to, the economy is eating any expenses, but I do what I can when I can. My funds are low which is understandable, for my donors, I’m sure, are also feeling the economic squeeze.


God is in control and I will maintain my passion for my kids, so long as He gives me the strength and the where with all to carry on.


Five years ago, or so I received a phone call from a lady whose 16-year-old cat needed a procedure that she couldn’t afford. “Mr. Rizzo,” the lady went on, “She’s such a sweet and loving girl, so full of life, I’d hate to put her down because I can’ afford to help her.”  


It was an expensive procedure and one I wouldn’t normally take on for an animal that old, but I was so moved by this lady’s plea that I took the cat on. The procedure went well, and the cat was sent home with some meds.


To be perfectly honest, I totally forgot about the old cat until a few days ago I received a simple thank you note in the mail and the following is what was in it.  


“Dear Mr. Rizzo, Fluffy is now 21 years old and is still as sweet and loving as ever. God bless you and thank you for the last 5 years you’ve allowed us to be together.”


I don’t know why I worry so much, all the money in the world couldn’t match what I was feeling inside. As the commercial says, “it was priceless.”


Thanks for listening.