Questions about proposed garden project

Published 10:17 am Monday, March 7, 2022

This is in regards to the mayor’s proposed project off Galax Street in Tryon. My first question is who is funding this project? How much will this project cost? Are there bids for this? How does it impact the adjacent residential properties? How is this going to be maintained? As taxpayers we want accountability on how our tax dollars are being spent. We also want transparency from our elected officials. For example, our sewage system is in need of critical repair. There are constant sewage leaks throughout the town on an ongoing basis. There are a lot of potholes and deteriorating streets in our town. Why aren’t these being addressed? The town can barely manage the parks it has now. Ziegler Field is underutilized. Woodland Park has no picnic structure or any other amenities. Plus the park is littered with downed trees. The land for this proposed garden is not zoned for a public park. The zoning process must be adhered to and a hearing needs to be set. There are residential gas lines and 3 sewage clean out drains on this property. The drains frequently leak and raw sewage flows on the ground. What about parking? Galax has 3 houses on it and access to the street is quite limited. The kudzu has NOT been exterminated. The mayor did not consult with any people whose property will be impacted. There has been no transparency whatsoever. We have asked for information about this and have yet to get a reply. Where is the accountability of our elected officials? How are they spending our money? These officials work for us not the other way around.


Mark Holland

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Tryon, NC