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Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, March 2, 2022

 Time Marches on. Nothing is static.  Your Tryon History Museum has started the new year with five new board members.  Committees are assigned and already working to plan programs for the coming year.  Exhibits are being re-configured.  The Gift Shop is being expanded.  New Docents are being trained.  In the midst of all the behind-the-scenes movement, the visible face of the Museum has been quiet.

In preparation for the next phase in our development, the Museum closed for most of  January. Just as we prepared to re-open, the demolition of the former Owen’s Pharmacy building interior began in earnest.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to keep the doors open to the community due to noise and falling debris.  Thankfully, that phase is over for now and the Museum is open as of March 2.

As word is out, Jon Varner and his wife have purchased the Owen’s Pharmacy complex which housed a number of tenants. The Varners and their construction crew are hard at work transforming all the spaces to new uses.  The basic plans at this point call for apartments on the top floor, expanding the space for Buck’s Pizza to have indoor dining, rearranging the Four Winds Florist space and then building out the spaces on the main floor.

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The Museum is interested in the new spaces but no decisions have been made.  This process will take time.  At some point over the next 9-12 months, the Museum will need to relocate; at this time the options are limited.  The Board is constantly exploring options.

In the meantime, we will present The Tales of Tryon each month, usually in an historic location.  We will continue to consolidate and re-work exhibits and artifact spaces, tighten operations and prepare for moving.

It is an exciting time to be sure.  We are so very pleased that this building will be renovated and restored to help make downtown Tryon a more vibrant place to live, play and work.  We look forward to new retail spaces on our main street.

If you have not yet become a member/supporter of your museum, please take the opportunity to do so.  You can join as a member and donate at various levels.  We will need the community’s support now more than ever as we prepare to navigate all these changes.


Submitted by Wanda May