Tryon Congregational Church flips the switch

Published 1:02 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021


It was just over a year ago when the Solar Project was introduced to the Congregational Church UCC in Tryon.  A very short time after that, $20,000 was received to get the project rolling.  What a journey the church has had!  On Sunday, November 7, the Creation Care Team of the Congregational Church presented ways to help care for the earth, from displaying native plants, to products to help reduce plastic, to “green” books from the church’s library, to gluten-free snacks. Environmentally friendly prizes were won by four delighted recipients. Virgil Stucker played a blessing, appropriately, on his Native American flute.  Pastor Meghan Young gave thanks for the time, talent and treasure that went into this special day, for dreamers to visionaries, and for the solar panels that will keep on giving.  Sherril Wingo gave her heartfelt Solar Story to benefit grandchildren for decades to come.  Bill Maloney and Enrique Sanchez from their solar-powered churches in Asheville (St. Eugene Catholic) and Hendersonville (Trinity Presbyterian), were present and thanked heartily for their patient mentorships.  The dedicated church staff was recognized for its enthusiasm, detailed analyses, final work with Duke Power, and support throughout.  Last, but not least, were the wonderful gifts of music by the Bucher Family.  He DOES have the whole world in his hands, doesn’t He?  Eric from SolFarm was there to give a technical tour of the inverters which change direct current from the solar panels to alternating current. The young people Flipped The Switch to a countdown from 10. Cheers of joy and accomplishment abounded. Did you hear them?  

What a celebration…what a party!  Now, all agree that it’s the church’s job, collectively, to continue making the Congregational Church UCC in Tryon an increasingly zero-waste, energy-efficient one…one step at a time…caring for creation inside and out.


Submitted by Ellen Harvey Zipf