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Polk adds 24 cases this week

Downward trend of Covid-19 cases continues

POLK COUNTY—Polk County’s downward trend of Covid-19 cases continued this week with the county only adding 24 new cases, according to the Polk County Department of Health and Human Services. 

The county sent out its Covid update Friday, with the percent positive rate this week being 13.9 percent. 

Last week, the county added 46 cases, which was much lower than the last several weeks. The county has recently seen 101 cases in 1 week, which was the highest since the pandemic started. 

The county also increased its percent of the population vaccinated this week to 43 percent, up from 42 percent last week and 41 percent the week prior. 

The county has now had a total of 2,215 cases of the virus since last March. Of the total cases, 42 people have died and 88 people have been hospitalized, according to Friday’s data. 

As of Friday, 9,390 Polk County residents had at least 1 dose of the vaccine and 8,835 Polk County residents are fully vaccinated. 

Polk County’s positive cases overall have been mostly in females. 

This week changed slightly as to the age ranges for the most cases. The most cases have been in people age 25-49, followed by people age 50-64. The county now has as many cases in people age 0-17 as people age 65-74. The least cases have been in people age 75 and above and 18-24. 

Vaccines are free for anyone and are now being administered to everyone age 12 and older in North Carolina. 

Booster shots are now also available to many qualified people. 

To schedule an appointment with the county people can call the Polk County COVID message line at 828-722-5086. More information is also available on a special COVID-19 tab located at polknc.org. 

Local pharmacies are also now giving vaccines.