Slow drivers to face fine

Published 5:51 pm Monday, August 9, 2021

New South Carolina law will fine slow drivers in left lane

LANDRUM—Slow drivers in South Carolina will have to stay in the right lane or face a fine beginning soon. 

A new law was just passed in the state that will allow police to give out tickets to people driving too slow in the left lane of interstates. 

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The law is effective on Aug.  15. 

State troopers have said people driving too slow in the left lane have become and issue across the state. 

The fines for the violation will be up to $25 if there is a traffic backup and state troopers will have the discretion of what is too slow. 

The new law basically says that people traveling in the furthest left lane should not be there unless they are passing another vehicle. 

The law has exceptions, including that you can remain in the left lane if congestion permits you to move over and in times of inclement weather when it may be safer to be in the left lane. 

There will only be warnings given out for the first 90 days of the law and actual fines will not begin until Nov. 13. 

The state is working to get signs out along interstates to tell about the new law.