Polk to collect late taxes

Published 8:19 pm Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Commissioners charge tax administrator to collect by all means necessary

COLUMBUS—Anyone who has not paid their Polk County property taxes will see their name advertised in the paper as a first step in collecting 2020 taxes. 

As per every year, Polk County Commissioners charged the tax administrator to collect 2020 taxes by any and all means necessary. 

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Commissioners heard from tax administrator Melissa Bowlin during a recent meeting.

Bowlin said the tax department has collected 90.59 percent of the 2020 taxes levied, which is comparable to the 2019 tax collection rate at the same time of 90.27 percent. 

North Carolina General Statutes require commissioners, or the governing body, to charge the tax administrator to advertise uncollected taxes each year. 

Polk County Commissioner Chair Tommy Melton asked how the tax department can collect unpaid taxes. 

Bowlin said the tax department mails out written notices, will contact the property owners to explain their options to pay their taxes, including available payment plans. 

If the county tax department is unable to contact the delinquent tax payer, the county then moves to other measures such as garnishment of wages, debt set off, bank attachments and other means available.