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Published 10:56 am Monday, February 1, 2021

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Polk Republican headquarters respond to citizen comments over Capitol bus

POLK COUNTY—Some local republicans going on a bus to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 has caused local residents to express fear to local officials. 

There were nine residents who submitted public comments regarding the event at the last county commissioner meeting and an anonymous person was interviewed on WLOS Thursday regarding her fears. 

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Polk County Republican Headquarters Treasurer Eugene Comiskey said he attended the event and what the local democrats are saying is far from the truth. 

Comiskey wrote a letter to the editor that was too long to publish in full, but said he is literally waiting on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to arrive at his door as he has been tarred with the label of being a domestic terrorist. 

Yes, I attended the rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6th along with many thousands of patriots including some from Polk and other local counties,” Comiskey said. “And No, I did not witness or partake in any violence or any other illegal activity that day. As far as I know, that is true of everyone from this area who attended the rally. What I did witness was hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans who came from across this country to show their support for President Donald Trump, to peaceably assemble and exercise their rights to free speech and to petition the government. What I have witnessed since our return is something quite different.”

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met last week and approved a resolution regarding safety in Polk County. The board also heard from several residents who expressed their fears about their neighbors attending the event in Washington. 

“One person asked for a list of those who made the trip to D.C. so that it could be provided to the FBI. (At this point I glance at my copy of “1984” on the bookshelf.),” Comiskey said in his letter. “Do these complainants expect the people of Polk County to accept this vision of hooded nightriders ready to drag innocent people out of their beds? If push came to shove and actual violent arsonists and rioters, like BLM or Antifa, came to town, it would be I and others like me who these whiners would be hiding behind. At no time have I heard of concerns about violent insurrectionists brought up to the county board after Antifa attacked a police station or BLM burned down a small business. Please remind me of any instance when local Democrats decried the destruction of American cities by those fascist groups or of steps, they recommended be taken to ensure the peace and tranquility of Polk County. Spare me the fevered displays of outrage from Democrats who care not one whit about the lives lost and businesses destroyed if they think it serves their political goals or because they lack the moral backbone to stand up to real thugs.”

Comiskey said with the new Biden administration, the events of Jan. 6 are now being used to justify a crackdown on Republicans and conservatives in general. 

“Social media accounts are being closed down and entire social media platforms are denied support or internet access,” Comiskey said. “Republican politicians who refuse to knuckle under to the orthodoxy are attacked relentlessly, accused of complicity in terrorism. CNN and other mainstream media are openly calling for Fox News to be barred from cable; Mike Lindell, the ‘MyPillow Guy’ can no longer sell his products in certain stores because he had the temerity to support President Trump; the Department of Homeland Security has issued a nationwide alert, citing domestic anti-government extremists opposed to Joe Biden.”

Comiskey said the members of the Republican Party of Polk County will not be intimidated and not be cowed into submission. 

“We will continue to fight for our Conservative beliefs and to proclaim the truth as we know it,” Comiskey said. “We will support and defend the Constitution of the United States as we have sworn to do, and we will do it fearlessly.”