Voter turnout

Published 10:09 am Monday, November 16, 2020

Saluda precinct has highest voter turnout at almost 80 percent

POLK COUNTY—Polk County likely had its highest voter turnout for last Tuesday’s election with the Saluda Township turning out almost 80 percent of its registered voters. 

Polk County as a whole turned out 75.39 percent of its voters with 12,326 votes cast out of 16,350 registered voters. During the last presidential election in 2016, Polk County turned out 68 percent of its registered voters, which was down from previous presidential elections. 

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Saluda has 1,640 registered voters and cast 1,308 votes for a 79.8 percent voter turnout, according to the Polk County Board of Elections. 

The Columbus 8 precinct was close behind at 79.7 percent. That precinct has 2,735 registered voters with 2,179 people voting during the 2020 election. 

Coopers Gap also had high turnout at 78.7 percent, according to the board of elections. Coopers Gap has 1,660 registered voters, with 1,306 of them voting this year. 

Tryon was fourth in voter turnout at 74.8 percent this year. Tryon is the largest precinct, with 3,202 registered voters and 2,396 voted this year. 

The fifth highest voter turnout was in the Columbus 7 precinct. Columbus 7 has 2,447 registered voters with 1,803 of those turning out this year. 

White Oak had a 72.1 percent voter turnout, with 1,874 registered voters and 1,352 turning out. 

Green Creek had the lowest voter turnout, but was still higher than in 2016. Green Creek has 2,929 registered voters with 2,079 people casting votes this year. 

This year’s turnout was much higher than in 2016 at 68.09 percent as well as in 2012, when 72 percent of Polk County’s voters turned out. The 2008 presidential election saw a 71 percent voter turnout in the county. 

Compared to this year, in 2016, Saluda also had the highest voter turnout, followed by Green Creek, Columbus 8, Tryon, Coopers Gap, White Oak and Columbus 7. 

The Polk County Board of Elections met Friday to canvass the votes to make the votes official. 


Precinct Reg. voters Votes cast Turnout

CG 1660 1306 78.7%
CO1 2447 1803 73.7%
CO2 2735 2179 79.7%
GC 2929 2079 71.0%
SA 1640 1308 79.8%
TR 3202 2396 74.8%
WO 1874 1352 72.1%



Note: Numbers include provisional and supplemental absentee ballots.