Rotary Club of Tryon installs Little Free Library at Harmon Field

Published 3:42 pm Monday, November 9, 2020

Much of Tryon didn’t have power last Friday, but that didn’t stop your local Rotarians. The Rotary Club of Tryon, with help from the Harmon Field Board and the Town of Tryon, recently dedicated a Little Free Library near the playground at Harmon Field.

A few months ago, the Town of Tryon asked the Rotary Club if they were interested in refurbishing a little library cabinet they had in storage. The Club thought this was a great opportunity to share the joy of reading with children in Polk County.

Susan Hartley, wife of Rotarian Fred Hartley, jumped on the opportunity to design the colorful exterior for the Little Library. She drew the characters and then worked with her husband to cut out the wooden pieces that were painted by the Rotary Club members.

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After all of the pieces were finished, the box was assembled by Rotary Club Members. With the help of Harmon Field Supervisor Travis Aldred and his crew, the Free Little Library was installed near the playground at Harmon Field.


The Rotary Club of Tryon has supported the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program in local schools for many years. Since the Club can’t get into the schools now, they used the RIF books to fill the Library. The Rotary Club of Tryon will monitor the Library to ensure there is always a selection of books for the children to read.

During the dedication of the library, Rotary President Skip Taylor thanked the Town of Tryon for the donation of the library unit, Harmon Field Supervisor Travis Aldred and his crew for site preparation and digging the hole for the post, and Lindy Buss and the Harmon Field Board for helping throughout the project.

To learn more about the Rotary Club of Tryon, contact Skip Taylor at 828-200-9259 or

Submitted by Dave Scherping