All hands on deck, there are angels among us

Published 2:26 pm Thursday, September 10, 2020

By Leonard Rizzo

Special cases


When the first annual Lennie Award for the love of animals was presented to me, I was immediately asked to choose next year’s recipient. So many that I work with came to mind, but one stood above them all.


The second recipient was Lori Jewell, founder and President of Pet Tender Angels rescue and sanctuary. Anyone who knows Lori and has witnessed the work she has done and continues to do, whole heartedly, agree with my choice. Her organization is most aptly named Pet Tender Angels.

I received the call from a supporter who has been feeding a hound that wandered onto her property. “He’s so sweet Lennie, but I can’t keep him because of my Scotties who are protective and jealous. Foothills won’t take him because we are out of their area of jurisdiction.”

“Believe me; I understand what you are going though,” I answered, “If we expand our area we can never keep up. I have helped rescues outside our area when called on certain cases, call Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels and tell her you spoke with me.”

Lori’s rescue was full and overflowing but the poor lady persisted, and Lori relented and took him in.

“My board is going to get nuts,” Lori said with a mischievous tone in her voice, “I’ll keep him at my house till we find him a home.”

Okay, all you folks who know Lori personally, how many animals does she have at her house that she cares for?

Hank is a black and tan Coonhound, age approximately 2-4 years. He looks very much like a female I rescued many years ago that wound up with a dear friend. Hank was showing signs of all different kinds of problems.

Lori’s vet said he needed a scope which they didn’t have so he was sent to a specialist. Some of the symptoms he was experiencing were swollen legs, failure to keep weight on and when he sneezed and coughed up blood Lori sprang into action. After $3,200 worth of fees it was determined that Hank has a compromising immune system, possibly Lupus. For now he’s on five different meds and will probably need maintenance the rest of his life.

The lady who brought Hank to us donated $500 toward his care and my fund will add another $1,000 first chance I get.

“He is so sweet,” Lori said, “it will take a special person to adopt him that is willing to care for him the rest of his life, if not he will spend it here with me.”

When my wife Elaine heard what Hank was and is going through, she stated, “It might have been best just to euphemize him.”

“Oh no,” Lori replied, “Too many animals like Hank die unwanted and unloved, not on my watch.”

If you can, send some money to help Hank’s cause, if not, please send a prayer to our Lord and thank Him for placing this special angel (Lori Jewell) among us.

Thanks for listening.