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Patience and perseverance

Polk approves funding to schools for capital needs

COLUMBUS—Polk County Commissioners heard from school superintendent Aaron Greene this week a week before school begins.

Commissioners met Monday night and heard from Greene, who was requesting lottery funds be released to complete some capital improvements.

Commissioners agreed to release up to $300,000 for however the school system needs. The request was for restoring almost 50,000 square feet of roofs at Polk Central, Sunny View and Tryon elementary schools.

“I can’t think of any better way to use the money,” said Polk County Chair Myron Yoder.

Greene spoke of the schools reopening as well, which will occur on Monday. Elementary schools will attend 5 days a week, with the middle and high school going with a hybrid option, with students going 2 days per week as well as virtual learning. Students also have the option to go all virtual, or to attend the virtual Wolverine Academy this semester.

Greene told commissioners afterschool will be open for students and the school system will be running afterschool as much as they can.

“We are all going to have to be flexible and know that anything could happen at any time,” Greene said. “Patience and perseverance.”