Angels everywhere

Published 3:37 pm Friday, July 31, 2020

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Special cases

By Leonard Rizzo


With all the physical things I’m dealing with, I find I sleep an awful lot. If I miss my column now and then it is merely because this old brain is shutting down a bit. Still I do my best to keep up with all the commitments I’ve made in prayers to our Lord.

As of this writing, in two more days I will be sending a check to the Service Dogs for Vets (SD4V). The total thus far is $1350 with the last $50 coming this morning. On Tuesday morning a group of us get together at our church and pray for our country. It is a special group of prayers from a book called “The Patriotic Rosary.” After prayers a frequent supporter of mine (I call them my Angels) handed me the $50 for SD4V. The Good Lord has my Angels at work even when I’m asleep.

Before my visit to church I was at Landrum vet paying a bill and saying goodbye to Bama, my latest Lennie’s kid. Bama was tentatively going to be last week’s story but sleep took over.   I’ll attempt to give you a quick rundown of Bama’s tale and how it came about. The call came from Dr. Donna Raines, my dear, dear friend (I call her my surrogate daughter). It was about a two year old male Morris cat that had a blockage and the owner couldn’t afford the expensive operation. Sight unseen I okayed the operation and saw Bama the next day after the procedure. Bama had a cone around his neck and an IV still attached to his leg. I opened his cage and placed my hand inside the cone to pet his cheek if he would allow. Bama tilted his head and allowed me to cup his cheek and I broke out in a smile that emitted from my heart. “You sense I’m one of the good guys, don’t you Bama.” I learned it was a urinary blockage that can be life threatening in male cats. Often the problem comes from their diet, especially too much ash in their dry food. Anyhow, be careful with these little souls, you see, cats are people too.

As I stated earlier, I said goodbye this morning and the cone was gone. Not only was he just as friendly, he allowed me to give a kiss for luck.

May God bless all of you, especially my special Angels.

Thanks for listening.