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Byars to receive Stuart Forbes Early College Scholar award

The Board of Directors for the Stuart and Margaret L. Forbes Foundation, Inc., is pleased to announce Hannah Byars as the first recipient of the 2020 Stuart Forbes Early College Scholar Award.

This $4,000 renewable scholarship is awarded to a Polk County Early College student who is strong and well-rounded, and who excels in a specific area of study or who demonstrates talent in a specific area such as fine arts education, science education, career education, healthcare or environmental education.

The student is devoted to service oriented goals and demonstrates a commitment to helping others. The individual participated in school clubs and extracurricular activities as well.

The scholarship is awarded by the Stuart and Margaret L. Forbes Foundation and is administered by the Polk County Community Foundation.

Byars graduated from Polk County Early College with a high school diploma while simultaneously earning an Associate Degree of Arts with Isothermal Community College. She also graduated with a NC Scholar’s Diploma and a Director’s Award.

She served as the Yearbook Chairman, was a member of the Science Club and was selected as the Isothermal Community College Student of the Semester Award for the spring of 2020.

In addition to Hannah’s academic and extracurricular activities, she is works at the Columbus branch of the Polk County Community Library where she first began assisting as a volunteer.

Hannah plans to attend Appalachian State University in the fall. She is the daughter of Ms. Natalie Byars and Mr. Michael C. Byars.


Submitted by Susan S. McHugh