Land of the Free?-Letter to the Editor

Published 2:55 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The other day Pamela and I were driving along, and it occurred to me that since this is the Land of the Free, and I am a free person, that I have the right to drive on the left side of the road if I so choose. And if anybody tells me otherwise, that would be tyranny. And because I have the right of free speech and assembly, I could then march around in public carrying obnoxious signs and demanding that everyone else honor my constitutional rights and get out of my way as I drive the left side of any street.

As we paused to shop, Pamela softly pointed out that we all agree to drive on the same side, not because some tyrant orders us to, but to reduce the likelihood that we will kill ourselves or others as we drive around. It’s for the common good, she said.

She stopped me at the door, put on her N95 mask and helped me put on mine. Ooh, she makes me so mad! She is such a tyrant!

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Brian Crissey
Mill Spring