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Celebrating Lanier Library members: Bob Montgomery

During the commemoration of its 130th anniversary, Lanier Library is celebrating members in

this monthly column. These profiles will help the community get a better idea of the neighbors who carry the Lanier card and are helping preserve a cultural tradition started in 1890.

“My favorite area of the Library is the checkout desk,” says Bob Montgomery. “Always smiles, piles of smiles,” That was one of the reasons he joined 15 years ago when Nancy Ernst was library assistant checking books in and out and helping members find and even decide what they wanted. Bob recalls, “My wife Lynn was on the Board and she had intrigued me with the Library’s history and wanted me to meet Nancy and Vonda.”

Vonda Krahn was Executive Director at the time.

“When I walked in I felt welcomed and right at home. I felt as if I had known Vonda for a long time.”

Today, Bob also praises services such as book acquisitions to meet member requests and the wide variety of programs. He cites as an example “The History and Politics of the Middle East” with Wofford College President Nayef Samhat. “I love history,” notes Bob and adds, “We also have the best Christmas party in the county.”

As a volunteer, Bob uses experience ranging from a long ago lineman for AT&T to more recently helping build homes with the Thermal Belt Habitat for Humanity. He can be found quietly helping solve maintenance issues of an historic building and keeping a pretty face on the Grand Old Lady. For example, last month he and member Steve King were spreading mulch around the landscaping and newly planted flowerbeds.

Bob concludes, “The longer I’m a member, the more I feel part of a tradition, the history.”

Submitted by Vincent Verrecchio