Almost 46 percent of Polk children live in poverty

Published 12:31 pm Monday, June 1, 2020

NC Child Data Card for 2020 released

POLK COUNTY—According to NC Child data, 45.9 percent of Polk County’s children live in poor or low-income households.

NC Child recently released its 2020 Data Card for all counties.

Polk County has a child population of 3,412, with 27 percent of its children under age 6 and 149 live births.

In 2017, 43.7 percent of children in Polk County lived in poor or low-income homes.

North Carolina’s child population is 2,311,348, with 31 percent under age 6 and 118,957 live births.

Of Polk County’s babies, 7.4 percent of them are born at a low birth weight and 10.1 percent are born pre-term, according to NC Child. Most of the data comes from 2018 statistics, according to NC Child.

Women who receive early prenatal care is at 68.5 percent for Polk County.

Data also says that 19.1 percent of Polk children were food insecure in 2017 and 22.2 percent of children in Polk County were food insecure in 2016, according to NC Child.

The median family income for Polk County from 2014-2018 is $48,834.

Of Polk County’s children, 75.5 percent of 3rd graders scored proficient in reading; 90.5 percent of high school students graduate on time and 31.7 percent of Polk’s residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Other data included that 5.3 percent of children in Polk County do not have health insurance, which was in 2018. In 2017, 7 percent of children did not have health insurance.