Thoughts from Mayor

Published 10:29 am Friday, May 8, 2020

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It is Tuesday evening and we have not had a case of Covid-19 within our city limits. I have even had people to disagree saying yes you have.

There are a number of cases within the 28782 Zip code; however, there are none, at this time, within Tryon’s city limits. With that being said, let me offer some insights prior to the Governor having a conference later during the week. I believe that he will begin announcing how to open North Carolina back up and begin the path to normalcy.

My thoughts have changed very little during this emergency. Many of our citizens are in the age group of 50 and up. This is also the group that has nearly 96% of all deaths from Covid-19 in North Carolina. I will caution ALL of you to listen carefully and figure out a way to be both healthy and alive.

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If you are over 50, please continue to practice social distancing for a few more days regardless of what the Governor says. I do not say this lightly because I have seen what can happen to our citizens when we follow good medical protocols and use common sense.

Harriet and I will continue to get takeout and eat at home for a while longer. I suspect that we will begin to ease up after the first couple of weeks have passed and we can see what the future brings. In my opinion, we can expect a spike of some kind.

For those who wish to go out and open their businesses, please use common sense and have a plan for the number of people who can be in your business for the next few weeks. As we begin to return to what we were before March 2020, please understand that it will be a while before we get there. Let me give you some examples.

Businesses that reopen will probably have to do some restocking, so be patient. Some stores might require certain lines or distancing, so be kind. Your town will probably lose over $60,000 in taxes that come back from the State at this time, so be understanding. Some people will not have the money that was available prior to the massive layoffs and other job losses, so be helpful. When the new normal is back, and please remember who the people were who helped take care of you, fed you, delivered to you, and a plethora of other things that were done for your benefit, be appreciative.

I am not an alarmist, nor do I see a problem behind every bush. What I am, however, is a man who loves his Country, his State, his Town and the wonderful people in it. I do not like headlines that are alarmist every day. Sooner or later we will realize that the sky is not falling.

Tell me about the people who sacrificed to help others; those who gave until it hurt; tell me a story about the citizen who made my mask; how about the kid who helped his parents cook and clean; tell me about the Town employees who still fought fire and cut trees off your road so you could be protected, or the ones who kept the services on schedule; and tell me…. well you get the idea.

Nearly perfect! Always Tryon!

Submitted by Alan Peoples