Taking care of our own

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Special cases

By Leonard Rizzo


Not much to say this week just thought I’d touch base because I missed last week. I’m pretty much shut down just like the rest of us so Elaine and I have been tending our own flock.

I haven’t checked on Max this week but I’m sure Kayla would let me know if he has any needs I can handle; in the meantime he is in the best of hands in a loving environment. I can only do now what I always do, pray he soon finds a loving and proper home.

I’m sending a puppy mill momma back to the vet to check on some problems. I haven’t had a chance to look into it, she lost all her pups and there may now be other complications. Dr. Raines will fill me in; all I can do is handle the fees and once again, pray.

Our team has all got baths, haircuts and brushing. Carmella (our youngest cat) had some blood in her urine, it seems to be clear now and the vet said it might be stress. This is the least stressful cat you’ll ever know, she fears nothing and gets into everything. My nickname for her is Havoc, but then again, who knows?

Our oldest cat (one eyed Gigi) is having trouble grooming her back and sides so she’s developing knots in her fur. Trying to clip them out is a dangerous game; “old hook claw” is really quick. We handle them a little at a time as she allows. I may have to get her a lion cut. So no one gets the wrong impression, she’s healthy and happy otherwise.

Carol our other cat thinks her one job in life is to look pretty and jumps on an empty lap whenever one is presented.

Jojo our four year old Golden received a nice bath and brushing. Boxers are a lot easier on that score. She did pick up where my Boxers left off, digging after moles. I tried to tell her “this old man’s back can’t handle it much longer.” We’ve got some spray that is supposed to deter her, but I think instinct is stronger than all chemicals.

Pablo our little long haired Chihuahua was bathed and has his summer cut. The old man is looking pretty good.

I pray all of you and your personal kids are doing well, stay safe and thanks for listening.