Stir crazy

Published 11:38 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Special cases

By Leonard Rizzo

Last week I told of Esso’s long and arduous journey to sanity. The last not I received is that Esso is running and playing in a large farm and that he loves water. Visions dance through my head and once again I tear up knowing that I had some small part bringing joy to this poor forgotten soul’s life.

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Max was actually a fee roaming dog, roaming back and forth between two houses. He wasn’t mistreated in any way except he didn’t have any structure or discipline. Max wasn’t wild at all; he was just a happy go lucky two year old enjoying life as he knew it. One day (as was inevitable) Max showed up with a broken leg. The cause could not be determined but odds are he was struck by a vehicle. He was brought to Landrum vet and when the so called owner heard what the fee would be to help Max, he replied, “Just put him to sleep, I could always get another one.” When I was contacted, I agreed to take him if the owner would turn him over to me.

Max’s leg is all healed, but he’s been at Landrum vet for months and has won the hearts of every single staff member. Max’s life is just the opposite of Esso’s; he went from being a free roamer to being caged most of the day. Max loved all the attention but began getting stir crazy.

Last week I asked Kayla Parrish if she would take him and give him some R&R with her family. Today I went to visit and watched him running and playing and rolling over for tummy rub. He kept running back to us and Kayla told me, “He just loves people Lennie.” Inside the house he lies on his bed and just contently falls asleep. “He was ready to be adopted the day I got him,” Kayla said, “He is one beautiful dog.”

Max will be put up for adoption and Kayla will showcase him on the internet. If you can, and have the proper facility, scoop up this beautiful free spirit who loves life and people, you’ll thank me for years to come.

One final thing before I close, when his former owner said, “Just put him down, I could always get another one,” the thing that struck me most was that he was telling the truth. As I stated long ago, 90% of the animals that reach the doorsteps of I and other rescuers do not arrive because of cruelty, they arrive because of ignorance.

How in the world can we fix the heart of those who feel these beautiful souls can be replaced like a broken piece of furniture?

Thanks for listening.