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Published 10:49 pm Thursday, November 21, 2019

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LANDRUM- The annual district wide canned food drive has been going on throughout District 1 schools during the month of November. From the first day of November to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break, students are encouraged by both faculty and staff to bring in canned goods for donation as a way of giving back. 


Sandra Williams, Spartanburg District One chief communications officer, shared,  “Spartanburg One’s annual food drive is a great way for students to see the impact of how a small act can become a huge blessing to a community. Involving students in community service projects teaches them the importance of their civic duty to give back to the community and shows the power of what can be accomplished when everyone rallies behind a common goal.”

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High schools like Landrum High School (LHS) are allowed to let student council members take the lead and head the food drive. As an incentive for students to donate to the cause, the students who donate a minimum of twelve canned items will be able to watch a movie during school. 


Another way of getting everyone involved is that the food drive has been turned into a competition in order to make it more interesting and is also an incentive for more people to donate. 


As the football regular season comes to an end during the month of November, rivalry games are at an all-time high. To spice things up, District 1 decided to have the Clemson versus Carolina food drive. 


Students choose which team their cans go to as an incentive for students to bring more cans so that their preferred team will win the food drive. LHS alone was able to raise 2,180 cans during the month of November as shared by LHS teacher Nicole Teal. 


No matter which team you pull for and donate to, all proceeds from the entire district get distributed between local food pantries and churches as a way of serving the community. 


Dr. Trish Beason, the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services for District 1, shared, “We are teaching our students they have two hands; one for helping yourself and one for helping others. Each year the Spartanburg 1 Community exceeds our expectations with this drive. This year we have collected over 7,400 items that will be distributed to 14 local food pantries.“


The canned food drive is a great way for students to actively be a part of a good cause. 

Cans collected by the district so far Photos provided by D1 Schools 

By Carson Parnell