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NC Secretary of State Marshall visits Polk County

NC Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, visited Polk County on Friday, August 9 at the invitation of the Polk County Democratic Party. Over 100 guests turned out to hear her speak and to enjoy a dinner prepared by the Polk County Democratic Women’s Club.  

Party Chairman, Andy Millard, introduced Marshall who is running to retain the Secretary of State office she has held since 1996. She explained, her Republican opponent that year was race car driver Richard Petty. She takes pleasure is saying she raced Richard Petty, and won.

In her remarks, she explained the many duties of her office and how she has modernized them by making more interactions with business and the public available online. Her office is a leader in this regard.

This was Marshall’s first visit to Polk County and she got an enthusiastic welcome from the crowd.

Also in attendance was Sam Edney, who is running again for NC House District 113 (Transylvania, Polk and Henderson counties). Also in attendance was Mack McKeller. He was appointed District Court judge for District 29B (also, Transylvania, Polk and Henderson) and who will run to retain this appointment in 2020.

Submitted by Pat Salomon