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New road names

Commissioners approve 5 new road names

COLUMBUS—Polk County has new road names in Green Creek, Columbus and Coopers Gap. 

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met Monday and approved five new road names throughout the county. Commissioners held a public hearing prior to the vote, with no residents speaking. 

The new road names include Equestrian Way, a private road located off SR1536 in Green Creek; Cottonwood Ridge, a private road located off SR1557 in Columbus; Pinewood Trail, a private road located off SR1311 in Sunny View; Moon Shadows Trace, a private road located off SR1311 in Sunny View and Turtle Hollow, a private road located off SR1311 in Sunny View. 

Commissioners approved amendments to its road-naming ordinance last year, so had some unnamed roads in the county, which had to be named to comply with the new ordinance. 

County Manager Marche Pittman said last year that the county has not named roads since 2000. The county has since named several private roads and holds public hearings prior to the approval of the new names for resident input. 

Since the county adopted amendments to the road- naming ordinance, 911 addressing requires that roads be named and addressed. 

County fire departments will be alerted to the additions of road names for emergency purposes.