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Nina Simone kiosk coming soon

Plaza located in the heart of Downtown Tryon

TRYON—Town Councilman and Founder of the Nina Simone Project, Dr. Crys Armbrust, has announced the upcoming installation of a virtual kiosk to the Nina Simone Plaza in Downtown Tryon. Armbrust spearheaded the fundraising campaign raising $30,000 in the first week the project was announced.

The Eunice Waymon Nina Simone Memorial Project received a variety grants to help build and install an interactive kiosk to the plaza. The grant application sent to The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area requested $16,000 but after an incredibly high number of grant applications for the year, the Nina Simone kiosk project received a partial grant. The project received a dollar for dollar match grant from The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area to the tune of $5,500. The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area awards grants for projects in the foothills that focus on music, natural heritage, craft, Cherokee culture, and agriculture.

The original goal for the project was to raise a total of $32,000 for the development and installation of an interactive kiosk that would allow visitors to the Nina Simone Plaza the opportunity to learn more about the life, music, role as an activist, and legacy of Simone. The kiosk is being built by the Meridian Kiosk Corporation who also donated $5,000 towards the cost of the production of the kiosk unit.

The outdoor unit will feature a 55” inch screen that is wholly interactive, visitors will be able to play selections of Nina’s music, see short videos of her, and give a short history lesson on North Carolina music and American popular music.

Armbrust said that it has been a pleasure working with Meridian Kiosk Corporation to complete the content development for the Nina Simone Plaza kiosk. Additionally, Armbrust thanked and praised the supporters of the project, The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, New View Realty, The Lucky One Foundation (Bessemer Trust), The National Trust for Historic Preservation, North Carolina Arts Council, and the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Armbrust anticipates that the kiosk will be completed and installed in the upcoming month.

To learn more about the Nina Simone Project and other ongoing Simone related events in Tryon, visit; ninasimoneproject.org.

By Samuel Robinson