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If you have a child or grandchild ages 5 to 12 years, the Polk County Historical Museum wants them. The PCHA membership committee is providing a free membership for a month from July 15th thru August 16th. 


Once your youngster is enrolled, volunteers at the museum will ask your Junior Historian to involve the entire family. Parents, grandparents and friends are all invited to visit the museum in Columbus. When the family and friends visit they will be asked to sign in with their Junior Historian’s name. The youngster with the most museum visitors will be awarded an age appropriate gift from the local museum. 


Ernie Kan, membership chairman for the Historical Association, said this special promotion will hopefully get young people interested in local history. “We feel getting children involved at a young age will grow their support of protecting history in the future.”[Text Wrapping Break] 


The museum is located at 60 Walker Street in downtown Columbus. In addition a genealogy library is open for public use plus the museum is the site for the monthly historical programs on the first Tuesday of each month. 


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John Vining