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Amen to DUH!

I would like to respond and lend my support for Leonard Rizzo’s recent letter entitled “Duh”. Taking away the firearms of law-abiding citizens is NOT the answer to curbing gun violence. Criminals and those who “snap” in a moment of anger or passion will surely access some type of weapon. The issue here is how to identify and help those who are at-risk for committing a crime with a firearm (or any other weapon for that matter!). The fault lies with those of us who turn a blind eye to those who need spiritual and emotional attention. Murderers weren’t born murderers. In this age of high-tech and social media, people are more desperate than ever for human contact. Drugs flow freely to numb the pain of loneliness and hopelessness. It can be as simple as looking around you to find someone who needs a kind word, a genuine smile, a big tip for great service, a listening ear or a sincere prayer. 

In other words, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and then train your children to do the same. Taking away firearms will not stop gun violence, but a little compassion might help. 

Joanne Midyette 

Tryon, NC