Brothers in business 

Published 10:18 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2019

C&J Landscape serving NC and Upstate residents  


CAMPOBELLO—A new landscape business has taken root in the Upstate. Brothers Chris Padilla and his brother Jonathan have started their own landscape business aptly named C & J Landscape to serve Upstate South Carolina Residents as well as their neighbors right across the North Carolina border.  

The brothers work together on a daily basis and have nearly a decade of landscape experience between them. Chris has worked for various other landscape companies in the area and wanted to make the leap into building his own clientele.  C & J Landscape has been operating for just under a month out of Campobello. 

“I really like to do installation, which is when you maintain irrigation systems and putting in mulch beds and others things like that,” Chris said. “I really enjoy doing all aspects of the landscape business honestly. My brother and I split the responsibilities and work together on a daily basis.” 

Chris said that one of the reasons he wanted to go into business with his brother was so that they could make their own mark in the community. “I take pride in what I do and I like to know that my customers are happy with the services that I provide,” Chris said. “I want to stay on top of my schedule and be there for my customers, I know some guys in the business that are disorganized and don’t communicate with customers that well.” 

In the future the brothers would like to grow the business and be able to higher more employees as well as purchasing some larger earth moving equipment that would allow them to handle larger jobs. 

“We do personal consultations and estimates. We want people to know that they are getting their monies worth,” Chris said.  “Landscape is something that we love to do, whether it is in our own yards or someone else’s. We are proud of our work and want to provide that same service and quality to the community.” 

To view some of their work and reach out to C&J Landscape visit their Facebook page, Or call 864-529-7948 to set up a consultation.  

By Samuel Robinson