C&D Marketplace 

Published 11:14 pm Sunday, April 28, 2019

New business opens at 107 East Prince Road Landrum 


LANDRUM—Fire Chief Warren Ashmore and his wife Buffy have been busy in recent months. They have opened two storefronts in Landrum since the beginning of March. Fire Chief Ashmore has served as a member of the Landrum Fire Department since 1995 and was elected to serve as Fire Chief in 2014. Warren has a long and positive history with the community and his involvement in the Landrum public school system that his children went through. C&D Marketplace has been operated via a Facebook page and social media for quite awhile now but the business finally has a storefront at 107 East Prince Road in the same building as the Ashmore’s other business, Burn31 Fitness  

The name C&D Marketplace came from nicknames that Warren and Buffy’s children gave them, Chief for Warren and Doc for Buffy. Both businesses are family owned and operated, with three of the Ashmore’s five children working in the C&D Marketplace. Kelsey Ashmore is the primary employee for the C&D Marketplace while her siblings fill in shifts on Saturday’s when they are out of school.  

Everything that we carry in the C&D is sold at wholesale price. We sell the products at wholesale rather than trying to sell it at a higher retail price,” Kelsey Ashmore said. Doing this helps customers get the best price possible on an item. We are constantly getting new inventory into the store on a regular basis.” 

“C&D Marketplace carries overstock furniture and we sell at whole sale prices rather than selling at retail price,” Kelsey said.  

A majority of the products that C&D Marketplace carries are priced in store and then posted online to reach a wider range of customers. All of the products on the showroom floor are already listed online Kelsey said.    

Kelsey said she is pleasantly surprised by the reception that the business has had in the new location, people are seeing the products online and picking them up in store.  

“Getting the location ready to handle two new businesses at the same time really took a team effort. Every member of the family has helped out in some way,” Kelsey said. “My grandpa has even popped in and helped us renovate the back of the showroom.”  

While Burn31 is open 24 hours a day, C&D Marketplace is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

To view the showroom inventory and other available items visit: https://www.facebook.com/landrummarketplace/, or give them a call at, (864) 457-1390. 

By Samuel Robinson