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Smart Meters 

Letter to the Editor: 

There is nothing new under the sun!  First it was radiation from cell phones, now it is radiation from Smart Meters.  Forty-five years ago, I was an engineer on the design team of the first Cellular Telephone System with Bell Labs in New Jersey    A few years later, after technical trials and service trials we put the system into commercial service.  Some folks went ballistic.  The Radio Frequency energy was going to create mutants of the human race!  We survived just fine and today it seems that everyone walks around with a RF transmitter held at their ear – after all that is what a cell phone is.  Consider that if you are 3 feet from a Smart Meter and talking on your cell phone, the radiation level at your ear from your phone is 25 to 125 times that from the Smart Meter.  Enjoy the benefits of your cell phone and don’t worry about Smart Meters. I laughed when I read some are worried about radiation from Smart Meter used by the utility companies. 


Hugh Porter 

Columbus, NC