Roger’s Park To Receive a Hard Top Roof  

Published 10:09 am Monday, March 25, 2019

Former canvas cover damaged by 2018 snowstorm 

By Samuel Robinson 

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TRYON—The canvas cover at Roger’s Park was damaged during the snowstorms and is in need of repair.  

On Tuesday, March 19, Tryon Town Council approved the budget for renovations to be made on the structure 


What was left of the canvas top has been completely removed as the town awaits the renovation process to begin.  


Town Manager Zach Ollis described what the new top will be constructed out of and the benefit it will have to the town. Ollis said a hard top will be installed, which will be designed to stay up year-round.   


“A hard top acrylic covering with an aluminum frame, designed to stay up year round with minimal maintenance,” Ollis said“The council is hoping it helps improve the area as a whole, as the hard top will be much more durable and last year round.  


“The canvas top was great and the ability to roll it up or down depending on what was needed was good, but the hard covering will be a much better fit for the long term.”