Smart Meters 

Published 11:34 pm Monday, March 4, 2019

Back in February, I received a notice from Duke Power explaining that if I wanted to opt out of their Smart Meter program I had two choices. One was to get a signed Physician’s document stating health reasons and in addition that document had to be notarized. Or I could pay Duke the sum of $150.00 to remove the meter and have the old type reinstalled and I could pay an additional 12.50 a month to have that meter read by a person. 


This raised a great many questions for me. I had heard about these meters and their dangers due to a constant flow of radiation being emitted from them. Of course like everything else when I called Duke about this a few years back they assured me the radiation level was so minute it would not harm you. 

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I told them I didn’t want it, thanks just the same. I never heard another word until this notice came in February of this year. 


When I called Duke, I was informed that yes, I now had a smart meter. My logic tells me this. If Duke is willing to uninstall these meters either by getting your doctor to explain health reasons or you can have it removed for a fee, surely Duke must know something the rest of us do not. Why is Duke all of sudden letting you opt out of the smart meter? To get a physician to sign a health document might not be that easy. What grounds could this Doctor have for saying the meter is a danger to the patients health? If it’s a danger to one person’s health, is it not a danger to all? 


Secondly, how does one get such a statement  notarized? Do you bring a physician to the notary or bring a notary to the physicians office? Either way, it is a ridiculous alternative rife with hardship. Of course if you are willing to pay Duke they will come and simply remove it. What does all this say? Are the meters safe? There is so much cancer invading us now that just about everyone has a good chance of contracting it. There are probably hundreds of reasons for this epidemic. Duke’s meter on your house could be one of them. Does Duke know something is amiss? Why make the offer to remove the meter in the first place? Duke should remove them free of charge for anyone who does not want them. I specifically said early on I did not want one, yet Duke installed it anyway. Now I want Duke to remove it. I should not have to line up a physician and a notary, nor should I have to pay Duke to take it away. 


I don’t know how anyone else feels about this. If you’re concerned about your new meter and don’t want to take a chance on whether they are safe or not then call Duke and demand they remove their Smart Meter at Duke’s expense. Remember, Round Up was safe till it wasn’t and I could list a whole host of other things that couldn’t hurt you that are now proven carcinogens. Tell Duke to do the right thing. 


Linda Sprague 

Tryon, NC