Special Cases: The pain and joy of helping the helpless

Published 8:00 am Friday, January 18, 2019

My good friends, the Larson’s, are always adopting older cats and dogs and ones that have some sort of problem. 

To see a puppy or a kitten at their home would be unusual, unless a rescued animal was pregnant.

Ten years or so ago, a puppy was brought to Landrum vet and immediately became one of Lennie’s kids. Rockii’s initial story can be found on page 174 of “A voice in the hills,” titled “Acts of kindness.”

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Rockii was found as a pup with his neck and foreleg caught in a plastic ring that is used on the top of soda six packs. The plastic had embedded so deeply it was cutting off circulation to his leg, but it did not stop this pup from playing with toys as best he could.

I, being full of both anger and pity, began to sob uncontrollably. 

After the plastic was surgically removed, Rockii, whose initial name was Gabriel, was adopted by Bert and Jeanette.

Over the years, as many animals came and then were gone, Rockii became Jeanette’s number one boy. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on him because his initial cruelty caused a lifetime of problems. Through it all, Rockii never wavered in his love for Momma Jeanette and his joy whenever he saw his Uncle Lennie.

A few weeks ago, Rockii took his last breath, due to liver failure.

Though Jeanette’s house is full of animals, she expressed to me that her house felt empty without him. I’ll miss him, too, as I do whenever I hear another one of my early kids has passed on.

Last week, the Larson’s went to Forever Dream Sanctuary and adopted two little old timers from Verna. The photo is Bert with Boxer, the Chihuahua mix, and Dinky, the terrier mix.

Boxer was one of Uncle Lennie’s kids, so I still have a presence at the Larson’s.

Some people are honest when they say, “They save these animals because the pain of losing them is too great.”  I understand their feelings, and I can certainly sympathize. 

These people have opted to be spared the pain, but they will experience the joy of knowing a magnificent boy like Rockii.

Thanks for listening.