Special Cases: Pet Tender Angels

Published 8:00 am Friday, July 27, 2018

I visited with Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels a few times this week.

My first visit was with Bert Larson, the better half of a team that are some of my greatest supporters and friends. Bert and Jeanette are the folks who introduced me to Lori many years ago.   

Lori is the recipient of the second annual “Lennie” award, and it humbles me to give her an award named after me. Had it been I receiving the second annual “Lori” that would have been more apropos!

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My visit was to say hello to an old friend and see if she may have a special animal that I can help in some way. Lori has 45 dogs at her shelter at the moment and though she loves them all, she has a special affiliation with Great Danes, as I do with Boxers.

Hugs were shared all around, and Lori once again thanked me profusely for her award, which always embarrasses me.

“You’re welcome Lori; we’re here to see if there are any of your kids I can help you with.”

Lori smiled, “Come with me, I want you to meet Dali.”

We went to a large fenced in area and were immediately greeted by two large Danes and a German shepherd that has esophagus problems and must swallow standing up.

“Dali, Dali, come on girl,” Lori called out.   

All of a sudden, a black and white female Dane came running, sometimes falling sideways dragging unsteady rear legs.

“It’s called the wobbles,” Lori said.

I had a flashback of what started me on this mission all those years ago: Cassie, the pit mix, born without bones in her rear legs. Cassie’s joy of life as she struggled to play with her toys moved me into a prayer that God continually answers.

Dali had the very same look of joy on her face that Cassie had and I fought to hold back tears.

“She’s an owner turn in, Lennie, she was brought from Austria as a pup, and released when they learned she had wobbles.”

“You give her whatever she needs, Lori, and Lennie’s fund will pay for it. What I don’t have I will raise,” I blurted out, tearing up again.

Sweet Dali is only 7 months old, and she may never walk normally. We are looking into a brace to help her stand; she’s had acupuncture and aqua therapy with some improvement showing.

I left a check for $1,500 for Dali with the promise of more as needed.

“God makes them this way for a reason, Lori,” I said.

“I know,” she answered, fighting back tears of her own. “Then he gives them to us.”

“Dear Lord, what a wonderful world this would be if we could learn to live with the cards dealt to us as joyfully as your magnificent creatures.”

I’ve asked him, now I ask you, help me to help Dali.

Thanks for listening.