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Monday meeting to discuss Saluda shooting range

SALUDA — Saluda residents are invited to attend a Saturday morning meeting regarding a possible shooting range near the NC Gamelands and overlooking the Green River Gorge. Henderson County is offering residents the opportunity to comment during the informational meeting Saturday morning.

Those wishing to speak in the meeting must arrive by 8:30 a.m. to sign up.

“This meeting is critical for all to attend,” stated Cathy Jackson in the on line newsletter, “Saluda Lifestyles.” “Please help us save, not only our community, but all communities in Henderson County.”

According to reports, the Henderson County Board of Commissioners has contracted a 100-acre property located at 2823 Macedonia Road in Saluda. They plan to build a center for Henderson County and North Carolina law enforcement training. The center will include a shooting range.

Residents are expressing concern about traffic on the gravel road, damage to wildlife and of course the noise problem. Other concerns include the impact to Saluda businesses and way of life.

“Hunting, fishing, and kayaking are a way of life in this neighborhood and throughout Saluda,” stated Jackson. “It [shooting range] will obstruct the peacefulness and pleasures of the sounds of waterfalls and rushing water on the Green River. It will scare you as you fly down on the zip line over the Gorge with its old-growth forest, disturb your hike on the Gamelands’ trails, or as you are relaxing on your front porch.”

Jackson also referred to on line studies regarding the damaging effects of lead toxins and noise to the environment, wildlife and humans, which many fear will be the result of the training center and shooting range. “Research is clear on the damage that noise from shooting ranges has on animals, birds, and humans,” she stated.

In addition to attending the Saturday meeting, residents are encouraged to voice their opinions at a 9 a.m. meeting on Wednesday, April 18 in the Henderson County Commissioners’ boardroom. Jackson also asks residents to contact their commissioners and their North Carolina Legislator with comments.