A different point of view

Published 8:00 am Thursday, March 1, 2018

Recently, there was a protest assembled outside one of Polk County’s schools. 

There have been some who have applauded the actions of the students, and commended them on their adult-like message. 

Now let us look at what happened in a different view.

Some parents organized the media to record the protest, then went to the schools and signed out their students to use them for a political statement. Students who were not involved with the protest (the majority of the school body) were robbed of many days of public instruction in the classroom, not to mention the anxiety of not knowing whether they were going to be attacked.

Another consequence of these actions will possibly be if the students involved in writing the notes or messages are identified. They will be expelled for some period of time, maybe up to a year. 

Why should we allow our students to be exposed to this type of adult behavior?

Maybe we should pressure our cities and county to pass ordinances requiring permits before a demonstration can be held. Maybe we should charge the parents involved with child abuse. Hmmm?

Keith Holbert, Tryon