Fenced in

Published 8:00 am Friday, February 23, 2018

In response to Eugene Comiskey’s letter of Feb. 6 to the Bulletin, let me suggest that, yes, Eugene, you’ve made your case about the wall, fences, border security and illegal immigrants, but now it’s time to shut up and govern.

Quit whining about Democrats, immigrants and identity politics.  Why not blame Obama as well? Or Hillary? 

In the foothills, we might call that beating a dead horse.  Get over it.  You won.

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You won the election based on promises to “build that wall,” repeal and replace Obamacare, balance the budget, do away with deficits, show those North Koreans who’s boss, deport all those illegal immigrants — so now just do it.

Make us safe from illegal immigrants still committing crimes.  Legal residents, too. Yet I’ve never known an illegal Mexican who came to America to blow himself up, only legal immigrants who flew in over our “secure” wall from countries with “–stan” and not “-can” in their name. 

Most illegals just seem to want to work, not terrorize Americans.  Still, beware the more deadly natural-born, all-American killers who weekly attack us in our schools, churches and concerts.    

It’s time to pass a few laws and quit blaming everyone and everything else.  After all, Republicans control the House, Senate, presidency, all executive branches, the Defense and State departments, Homeland Security, the Supreme Court, perhaps 30 state governments, an increasingly tawdry Fox News, most of talk radio, and, if they move quickly, an overwhelming majority of judgeships. 

They can even “nuke” the Senate and eliminate Democratic opposition altogether.  Shoot me in my church pew with an AR-15 if I’m wrong, but don’t you also think you have God and the Constitution on your side?  Isn’t that the point of chiseling “In God We Trust” on courthouses? 

Still, just pass a few laws, good or bad, and let Americans judge your efforts. Quit blathering about what hasn’t been done, about what you would do and just do it.        

Just govern. Pass a few laws. Please. Try to keep the government operating for more than a week, and actually pass a budget like the Constitution requires.

Quit bellyaching about welfare cheats and do away with Medicaid, Medicare, and squeeze Social Security as you promised. 

Let the poor pay for an austerity program that cuts deficits and balances the budget with their new tax breaks.  Put them all to work, especially the elderly on Medicaid, most in nursing homes, the largest group in terms of money spent, and children, too, the other largest demographic. Don’t forget those lazy disabled either. 

Stick to your quaint, nostalgic, “Reaganesque” principles about privatized health care, cutting the deficit, free trade, balancing the budget and small government, the ones you abandoned years ago.  That’s the “con” in conservative, isn’t it?  But you won’t, will you, but just continue to bluster about the Democrats and Hillary, our poor security, illegal immigration, the media, and how we’re gonna be oh so great again. 

Haven’t we reached peak BS yet?

Comiskey’s cynical, simplistic, fenced-in logic depends upon proudly hating a lot of people, mostly those with darker skins and “foreigners” who “ain’t like most folks he knows,” a lot of paranoid partisanship, a loathing of and belief in conspiracies by Democrats and “others,” and a world-class smugness and self-anointed moral superiority about being a “real American.” 

It’s time for Comiskey to turn his ire against Congress, the president, and Republicans who can’t govern but only win elections and gloat.  Democrats can’t do either, and they’re still trying to find their misplaced “principles.”

– Milton Ready, Tryon