Ranky Tanky inspires!

Published 10:39 am Friday, November 10, 2017

On Friday, Nov. 3, I attended a performance of the Gullah inspired group Ranky Tanky at the Tryon Fine Arts Center.  The performance was wonderful, and the house was just about full.  And it rocked!  TFAC is quite a different place than it was when I moved to Tryon in 1999.  Even then, it was pretty impressive, and having such a facility in a small town was one of the reasons I chose to live here.   Friday night I took a moment to reflect on how much TFAC has grown and changed.  The facility looks and feels much more professional and inviting.  More attention is paid to providing a great experience for patrons.  What pleases me most, though, is how TFAC’s offerings have broadened and diversified.  In my opinion, Executive Director Marianne Carruth, along with the staff and board of TFAC, have done an exceptional job of respecting the traditions and tastes of long-term supporters while finding new performers and programs that invite participation from previously unreached parts of our community.  I can’t wait to see the offerings in the future. We are so fortunate!

Donna Tatnall, Tryon, N.C.

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