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It will end when …

In response to Mr. Mazur taking issue with my previous letter, which obviously is his privilege, it appears he has done so for the wrong reasons. It should have been obvious to him that the examples I cited as possible targets for protests or attacks had little or nothing to do with the Civil War. They were provided as typical areas where the uninformed, who represent many of the protesters, could target historical representations or events in our community.

He also claimed I was perpetuating divisiveness by describing the background associated with the Nina Simone statue. Again, he missed the significance of my explanation on why the statue could be a target. The significance is that some people could easily protest its mere presence in the community because of her actions toward this country.

Again, I don’t diminish all she accomplished in her career during a time when a person of color had major obstacles to overcome. However, I believe she severely tarnished her image by not only leaving this country as a fugitive but more so by verbally renouncing the Town of Tryon. How sad is that after all some local folks did for her?

As an aside, it was pretty obvious that a majority of citizens don’t agree with the presence of the statue as evidenced by the fact that fundraising couldn’t even get enough money to pay for its contracted cost.

And I consider Mr. Mazur’s citing the presence of a Nazi flag as a sad attempt to side step the issue at hand. Its presence or lack thereof as a symbol of evil surely doesn’t bring an end to uncontrolled civil disobedience.

So, when do I think it will it end? I believe it will end when the party of NO and their followers stop espousing civil disobedience as the path to success. Unfortunately their fostering this approach has led to many protest groups believing that the word “disobedience” justifies any and all means they deem appropriate, including violence.

And party of NO supporters like George Soros who are funding many of these protests by paying protesters to participate in them justifies what they believe to give legitimacy to their tactics. Sadly, in many situations, this has led to some protests that have included premeditated violence to any all who disagree with the cause they are representing.

As I noted previously, it appears the party of NO has lost control of their followers. And if they continue on this path they could be responsible for fostering something a lot worse than civil disobedience.

Wishful thinking will not change the root cause for this violence. Party of NO members should demand their leadership to change their current flawed approach of civil disobedience to one of conciliation.

Karl Kachadoorian, Tryon, N.C.