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Hudgins, Icard abstract works now on display in Dent Gallery; reception planned for Sept. 12

The year’s first art exhibit in the Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Center Gallery, “Essence: Material to Immaterial” by Landrum artist, Carol Beth Icard and Tryon artist, Linda Hudgins, is a collection of deeply personal abstract works.

The exhibit will be on display from Sept. 12 through Oct. 24. A reception for the artists is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 12, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Musicians Fayssoux McLean and Brandon Turner will perform.

“We are fortunate to have Carol Beth Icard and Linda Hudgins showing together,” said Nancy Corbin, coordinator of the Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Center.

“Students will be able to compare and discuss two artists who work with abstraction and exhibit distinctly personal voices, subtle nuance and informed decision making.” Hudgins, of Tryon, taught visual arts at SDS for more than 25 years. Her journey with abstraction takes bits and pieces of colors, shapes and patterns from her surroundings, past and present. Reflecting on her works, she sees adventures in Greece and time spent living in Africa and China.

“I believe I am connecting, as I paint, through my essence which is more contemplative, maybe more complex,” she said. “I would like the viewer to be interested not because of words elicited but because communication has occurred with the painting on some emotional or spiritual level and that wordless communication is fascinating and enough.”

Icard, who lives in Landrum, calls her work “introspective abstraction.” Her creativity is a “deeply felt response to life.” “Nature, words or metaphorical forms can all contribute to a work in progress yet each new painting evolves from a balance of artistic principles, contemplation and intuition,” Icard said. “There is no concept as seed, only trust in the process.”

submitted by Lee Healy