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Special Cases: Where do we put them?

During Hurricane Katrina not only did we lose many lives, tens of thousands of animals perished. We learned much since then, and animals that may have been lost are being saved from Hurricane Harvey. 

Please don’t contact me in any way believing that I put animals ahead of people, I’m weary of answering that claim, although there are some people who are precariously close to tipping the scales.

I remember being in contact with some people who did save Katrina animals and I suppose the same may be true for Harvey. I’m purposely keeping this week’s column short so that we may put in some of the photos I’ve taken. The FHS shelter and all correspondent rescues are packed, with perhaps more coming.

If you have room in your home or in your heart, please think about adopting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I pray the ones I’ve sent to the Bulletin will help convey the message.

Thanks for looking and listening.