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“Old House Life” blogging team tours Historic Tryon

Old House Life, a nationally recognized blog focused on historic homes, recently shot several featured videos on Tryon’s historic homes and other local sites of interest. The team of Michelle Bowers (blogger), Jeremy Bradham (historian) and Mandie Robertson (camera operator) were invited to Tryon by realtor Linda Tinkler and her Mountain Property Group. 

Linda Tinkler explains, “We researched niche markets for historic homes and noticed this particular blog experienced a spike in interest when Michelle posted photos of our listings for the Tryon Toymaker’s Chalet on Grady Avenue, and Windover, a European style estate built in the early 1930s. When she received over 700 comments and photo shares, my marketing person came up with the concept of inviting Michelle and her team to see the Chalet and Windover in person.”   

Old House Life’s mission is to identify historic homes and to find them new and loving owners. The blog has been featured on The Weather Channel, Fox 8, and is a regular contributor to the Raleigh News & Observer as well as other North Carolina metropolitan papers.

Mountain Property Group’s Marketing Coordinator Tracey Daniels reached out to Michelle to invite her to Tryon. Linda Tinkler adds, “After extensive conversations, we realized this was a great marketing tool for the local historic homes we have listed –but also could be a huge opportunity to promote the Town of Tryon.” 

Linda decided to expand the scheduled visit to benefit other properties, businesses and Tryon tourism. 

“Michelle gave us her wish list of “must see homes” and our team put together a jam-packed one-and-a-half day itinerary with additional historic stops along the way. The bloggers were a fun group and we really enjoyed ourselves – they seemed to love Tryon as much as we do!” 

Old House Life received a huge increase in traffic directly due to their Tryon visit and there are tentative plans for a second tour in the fall. Interested home owners, organizations and businesses are encouraged to reach out Mountain Property Group (828-440-1221) to get on the list for the second visit.

Videos of the tours are posted on Old House Life page on Facebook and the Explore Tryon Facebook page. The posted videos have already accumulated over 60,000 total views.

Linda Tinkler and Mountain Property Group would like to thank the Connell family, the Carter family, Loti and Dale Weiler, Star City LLC, Huckleberry’s Restaurant and Molly Oakman of Tryon International Equestrian Center. 

“I especially want to thank Mostly Hall’s owner Dan Ferebee, who went out of his way to provide our visitors with awesome accommodations and over the top hospitality. He was beyond generous and made it clear from day one that he was ready to do whatever we needed to make the visit a success.”

– submitted by Tracey Daniels