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Praises for making the vision a reality!

It has been quite an experience to watch the transformation of the grounds around St. John the Baptist Catholic Church the past few months. When all of the trees were removed from the hillside along Laurel Avenue earlier in the summer, I really had some doubts about what was going on and envisioned a parking lot or something. But then a few weeks ago the serious work began as heavy equipment arrived and their plans began to take form showing me how wrong I had been.

 Throughout much of July and August, the landscaping workers removed tree stumps, moved the dirt around, terraced the hillsides and then added large stones and trees to stabilize the area. The past few days the entire area has been sodded which has given the town a real spot of beauty to enjoy. If Laurel Avenue is not on your usual travel path, in my opinion it’s worth the trouble to detour by the church on your next trip into Tryon.

 As I drove by this morning in the light rain, I could not but help to think that God must be pleased with the handiwork of his children since he has blessed their work with a nice gentle rain to help the newly planted trees and grass take hold. My congratulations to the members of the church for their investment in their facility and to those who had the vision and foresight to see what could be done … and then to make it happen.

Ted Hiley, Tryon, N.C.