Special Cases: Where the heart is

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, July 6, 2017

It’s a slow process, dear readers, but each day I feel a little improvement. I’m trying my best to answer all my correspondence; to those I haven’t reached yet, bare with me.

Good news, the procedure on Forest, the young German Shepherd, went well and he’s on the mend. The family has contacted me and I could feel the joy, which of course kicked my heart one inch closer to recovery.

Now, part of the doctor’s orders is that for one month I cannot drive and I cannot be left alone. I just may be the most difficult person in the world to be grounded. My dear wife Elaine is aware of this so she has lined up a team of baby sitters when she can’t be here.  My dear friend Chuck Davis is here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 a.m. to take me to breakfast and then off to dialysis.

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Last Thursday, my wife couldn’t be with me for a few hours and I had a strong compulsion to check on some of my kids and supporters. In on the job came Danielle Scruggs with instructions not to make me over do it.

Danielle and I have worked on many cases together and I couldn’t think of a more perfect companion for we are on the same wavelength. We stopped for breakfast but most of the time was spent chatting and driving. At one point we got so deep into reminiscing that we took a wrong turn. 

Danielle did not miss a beat. “It’s beautiful out here, Lennie, and I always wanted to see what this area was like.” I sat back and smiled to myself, “Good Lord,” I thought, “This woman reminds me of me.”

Toward the end of our visit we were at P3’s and Danielle proceeded to tell me of a dog she is trying to find a home for. The dog belongs to a friend of hers who is a nurse and cannot give it the time it needs. Danielle whipped out a video and I met Diva for the first time: A one-year-old female white Boxer with brown patches. 

“She’s thoroughly house trained and must be in a perfect home,” Danielle went on.  I grabbed my chest in mock horror. “Dannie, you’re supposed to take it easy on my heart.”  Diva struck me right down to the core; she was beautiful, playful and 100 percent Boxer.   Needless to say, all necessary feelers and contacts have been sent out and I pray this time next week there will be a home where I can visit her.

When Danielle finally got me home we were about an hour past the time allotted.

“Are you two alright?” Elaine asked with concern in her eyes. 

“He wasn’t any trouble at all, Elaine,” Danielle said. “Just a little heavy to pick up now and then.” Anyone that knows me can see why Dannie and I are such good friends.

Spread the word on Diva, it would be good for my heart.

God bless and thanks for listening.