Opinion vs. Hate

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letters to the editor are an excellent way for citizens to express an opinion or report on a civic topic of interest. However, I don’t think letters should be used to express a diatribe against any person or group of people.

I think the numerous letters Maryneal Jones writes to the TDB are a disgrace to “journalism” and do not provide any positive message to the readers. Based on the number of hate letters the TDB allows Jones to print with the same vile message is quite disturbing.

And according to Jones, Polk County has many others who think just like she does. I guess she is a self-appointed spokesperson for these poor lost souls. What ever happened to decency? It’s certainly lacking in Jones’ letters to the TDB.

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Karl Kachadoorian, Tryon, N.C.