Published 10:00 pm Thursday, September 15, 2016

To the editor:

Mr. Kauffman, I have appreciated some of your columns in the Tryon Daily Bulletin. I wanted to ask your credentials for your personal political views that on many times are brought into your advice, which could be brought into question.

As a business owner with much experience over the years with securing health care for my employees I can state the following: Over the years leading up to Obamacare, health insurance premiums were rising between 10 and 20 percent every year. People who had pre-existing conditions would die, many needlessly. The middle and lower classes could not afford the premiums. There were so many problems with the system that something had to be attempted.

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So Obamacare has some problems and you want people to vote for Republicans? This is your statement: “More federal spending won’t solve the problems created by government’s intrusion into a system that wasn’t broken, but simply needed some repairs.”

I always thought repairs are only needed when something is actually broken and simple to repair. If you feel that, why do you not feel that some even not so simple repairs to Obamacare are not a possibility?

Is it strictly political, or do you think the families who need help the most should just not be allowed to have the same healthcare available as the wealthy?

This is the best country in the world to live in. Let all our citizens have the best healthcare we can give them. No matter which political party is in power.

~ Stan Mazur, Mill Spring, N.C.