Democratic candidate Millard challenges Republican candidate McHenry to debate

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016

Andy Millard, the Democratic nominee for the 10th Congressional District, is challenging the incumbent Republican nominee Patrick McHenry to a series of debates, one in each of the seven counties that comprise the 10th District. Millard’s campaign has reached out to McHenry’s team to begin the planning of the seven debates.

Andy Millard has been running since March of 2015 and went unopposed in the primary, unifying the Democratic Party behind him. During his campaign, he traveled the entire district numerous times including a running, walking, and biking tour in all seven counties. He has made public service and investing in the rural areas of the district as pillars of his message.

“Patrick McHenry has been in Washington for 12 years and much of the district continues to struggle economically. The people of every county deserve to have their issues heard, to ensure their next congressman can truly represent all of the District, not just their favorite parts,” Millard said of the debate challenge. “The voters are owed an informed choice between McHenry’s record and my commitment to the people here at home.”

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Andy Millard is the Democratic nominee for Congress in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional district. Millard is a financial planner, a former school teacher and principal, and an active member of numerous community organizations.

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by Scarlette Tapp