The “friendliest” town in the USA?

Published 8:20 am Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To the editor:

The Kingdom is becoming a lot more unfriendly to licensed concealed carry gun owners with their new proposed ordinance concerning weapon restrictions at “certain locations.”

Last year, North Carolina approved additional rights to people with concealed carry weapons permits. Amending Kingdom laws to meet state requirements is a good thing. However, was it really necessary for the Kingdom to add more confusion to existing state laws? Whoever came up with the idea to micromanage our state laws may be creating a quagmire for law enforcement and the tourist business.

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NC state CCWP holders, as part of the licensing process, are taught the law on where and where not to carry. NC laws state very clearly the signage requirements for various entities which choose to prohibit guns on their premises. Out of state CCWP holders review the laws of states they are traveling to.

The only way CCWP holders will be able to obey the law of the Kingdom is through clear signage and a concretive effort to notify people outside of the Kingdom of these new laws. This is not a big problem for business entities but for open air events held at Harmon Field and Ziglar Field this could be a major problem.

I didn’t see any a description in the new ordinance of how access to an open field area would be controlled through specific manned entrances and/or having posted warning signs around the perimeter of the property similar to “No Trespassing” signs.

The barbeque festival could be in for a major problem since many people from outside the state will be attending and they will not be aware of this new strict no carry law on the open field premises. Is the Kingdom going to advertise their new law in press releases advertising the festival?

Also, attendance could be affected, as some CCWP holders may not feel safe without their personal protection being marginalized. Will extra police be added for the protection of those concerned about their safety?

Personally, I think this part of the new ordinance is totally unnecessary. And it certainly takes the luster off of the sign at the entrance of the Kingdom declaring its friendliness.

Karl Kachadoorian
Tryon, N.C.