Try gratitude

Published 11:28 pm Thursday, December 24, 2015


To the editor:

Gratitude is a better master. I’ve come to understand through the years that gratitude helps temper the impulse to be critical.

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I read an editorial recently that prompted this letter. The writer expressed a lot of anger at the commissioners and the governor for their stance on the refugee resettlement program. He made the statement that the commissioners “represent everything but the interests of the citizens….” of Polk County. He characterized the resolution against resettlement that was in support of Governor McCrory’s position as “a meaningless gesture of bigotry and holier than thou knee jerk publicity.”

Pretty rough language.

He also assessed the commissioners’ (all except Mr. Gasperson who opposed the resolution) actions as bigoted. I have to wonder how many citizens share his point of view. It seems to me the Polk commissioners and the governor were simply warning us about the dangers of a federal program that is poorly administered and potentially fraught with danger. The county resolution itself is symbolic in nature and not enforceable, but is an expression of concern for the safety and security of the community. It doesn’t seem to warrant the kind of harsh criticism expressed in the editorial titled, ‘A New Low for Commissioners.’

When it comes to safety and security, erring on the side of caution seems to be prudent and as one of the commissioners expressed, it does fall within the purview of their overall responsibility. The editorialist seems to be in favor of us taking in refugees. That used to be a popular attitude in San Bernadino, Calif.

It may come down to this. How trustworthy is the federal government? Based on past performance, the executive branch has a poor record of managing the affairs of state and has proven again and again to be a poor overseer of its own agencies. Recall the actions at the IRS, ATF, GSA, HHS, VA, and in Benghazi.  Blind trust in government is dangerous. Safety and security is a function of government. I’m grateful that this board of commissioners had the courage to take a public position on this incredibly important issue.

Dick Shaughnessy
Green Creek, N.C.