Love at first sight

Published 12:58 am Friday, December 4, 2015

By Leonard Rizzo

I’ve often explained that there are many stories that do not get told and at times I forget to relate final conclusions because I’ve gone on to other cases.  People who know me will ask, “What happened to this animal or that one?” I try my best to keep them apprised.


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Bram, the Chihuahua who had a major surgery, has been adopted by a vet tech in Pennsylvania. As of last contact I’ve learned Bram is in great and loving hands and they are going to do their best to save his leg. Either way I feel certain the little fella will live out a good life.

Judith, the Aussie Shepherd mix, has had the bullets removed from her jaw by Cloverfield Vet and some reconstructive surgery was performed. The sweet lady came out of surgery like a trooper and has been reunited with her son, Meyers, at Foothills Humane Society. I’m hoping someone will have a home for these two older dogs that have tons of love left in them.

When I told the story of all the pits currently at the shelter, I featured Buttersweet, a one year old that had spent her first year tied up in a garage. As of last count, four of the pits I featured have been adopted but plenty more keep coming. It’s a dilemma we’re going to have to remedy one day. As for Buttersweet, I sent her to Dogwood Farms where Josh had her playing with other animals in two days. “She loves other people animals,” Josh told me. “She’s very submissive and it’s easy to tell she’s been abused.” Dogwood Farms has been invaluable to me over the years and I trust their expertise explicitly.

Ashley (sweetie) who works the front desk at the Tryon Daily Bulletin wanted to give Buttersweet a chance. Ashley and her partner Jake have a two-year- old Rottweiler named Hank and his acceptance of her was paramount. Buttersweet went home with Jake and Ashley for a trial run and to be honest it wasn’t easy. Buttersweet had not been house trained; she began messing up the house and chewed on everything. It was her first chance to be a puppy.  Thank the Lord, Jake and Ashley were very understanding of her situation, but most of all, Hank was in love. Buttersweet’s name has been changed to Charlotte Rae. I call her Charlie and she has become a new dog who simply loves running in their fenced yard with Hank. Ashley says, “She’s attached to the boys and wherever Jake sits, that’s where Charlotte will be.”

I met up with the whole group at the vets where Charlotte and Hank were getting micro-chipped and caught up on all necessary paper work. I met Jake and Hank for the first time and I felt certain my girl was in good hands and paws. The love in that room was palpable and I was pleased how much Hank allowed me to love him up.

Later I pulled Charlotte aside and asked her, “Are you happy girl?”

“Yes, Uncle Lennie, thank you,” was her reply.

“Be a good girl now, Charlotte. No more eating furniture.”
“I’ll try Uncle Lennie.”

I left the vet with my favorite kind of tears, tears of joy.

Thanks for listening.